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It's Vintage Baby!

It's Vintage Baby...


So recently our very own vintage darling had a beautiful baby girl called

"Tabitha October"

Choosing a name for your baby can be quite a challenge,

but little "Tabitha's" name came from The 1960s hit tv show bewitched,

and as she was born on the 14th October with Halloween looming it was the

perfect name for their little girl.


Every proud parent wants to show off their baby with photographs.

So who did we call, well the fabulous & very talented Mandy f

rom 'Dottie Photography' of course (who had previously photographed

our vintage darlings wedding).


Mandy has many wonderful vintage props and when teamed with

her creative eye, amazing backgrounds and sets she created herself

here was the end result!

tab1 tab2 tab3 tab4 tab5


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