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  • Darling.... So which Handbag suits you?

    By vintage on 22 August, 2012 in VINTAGE HANDBAGS COLLECTION, HANDBAGS

    So Darling's....we have just had in our new Autumn/Winter handbag collection....and we wanted to ask "which handbag suits you"? so take a look and let us know...     The studious one... Sophisticated, Smart and usually found scouring a well stocked book shop, she loves stylish accessories to keep all her books in. Why: She's a smart cookie!  Her Era: 1970's  Only £35.00     The Rock Star... She's a trendy, fun loving, wanna be rock star, Usually found dancing on table. Why: She's completely fabulous! Her Era: 1980's Only £38.00     The Girly Girl... She likes a good old...