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Nosy Parker...What's in your Handbag Darling...

Where ever you go these day It seems everybody wants to have a look inside your bag, whether its at the airport, at a night club, museum or just someone being a nosy parker...

In the space of one week I had to show the inside of my bag to 6 different people.

I get lots of compliments on my handbags while I'm out and about, and one of the first things I get asked is

'Oooh What's it like inside'

So today I thought I would share with you what exactly what is inside my handbag...

So I tipped it upside down and this is the current contents of my bag.

I didn't realise I carried so much stuff, I'm not one for clutter either...

So have a little nosy...

The bag in subject:

Its my navy blue patent leather bag from my own handbag collection!

The contents includes:

1 Red Lipstick, 1 pink Lipstick, 1 tin of pins, 1 Pair of sunglasses

1 pack of novelty tissues, 1 emergency Cadbury Freddo bar

1 sachet of brown sugar, 1 pink cream blusher, 1 eyeshadow compact,

1 tube of foundation, 1 Flip hand held camera

1 digital camera, Radom post office receipts!

1 coin purse, 1 buiness card holder

1 credit card holder,1 reel of purple satin ribbon

1 tube of chocolate scented hand gel, Half a packet of XXX Mints

1 stick of concealer, 4 discount cards

1 bumble bee pop out shopping bag, 1 tape measure

1 map of the Olympic park

Total number of items: 26 

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