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Happy Halloween Darling's...

Happy Halloween Darling's!

So darling's if you haven't had time to carve a pumpkin or get dressed up in fancy dress then why not try this Devilish red cocktail! 



The "Devil Juice" Cocktail Recipe:

1 oz. bourbon
1/2 oz. lime juice
1 tsp. Tequila
Tomato juice

1. Take a small Length of Red Chili (de-seeded)
2. Combine all ingredients, except Tequila in a shaker,

3. shake well and pour in martini glass.

4. Top off with Tequila.

5. Garnish with the two red pointed ends of red chilli

6. Then take the chilli ends and mount on either side of the glass & serve!

7. Grab your black cat and broom stick and sip on this Devilish delight! 


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