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Fabulous Fanny's Farm

Hello Darling’s…

So this Sunday we headed down to ‘Fanny’s Farm’ located in Surrey.



Having been to quite a few establishments for afternoon tea we wanted to try something a little bit alternative for a change.

So when a friend told us about ‘Fanny’s Farms Tree house’ we though it would be worth the trip…. And it was!!!

The reviews on trip advisor aren’t the greatest but I chose to ignore them and we had a fabulous time. The rustic charm was a welcome change for the bustling city of London.

We entered in through the Farm shop with lots of friendly staff greeting us, we were then shown a selection of cakes to choose from by a very friendly young lady, and then taken to the tree house....

 inside was candle lit with a lovely warm heater.


It was very charming I felt like I was in one of the characters houses from ‘Wind and the willows’. After our lovely tea, we then had a walk around the yard, which was filled full of antiques and curiosities ; it was very quirky and cool.



As we went to settle our bill I noticed a sign that said ‘Vintage china sale’ so immediately asked a member of staff about it, she gave me a large key and gave me directions to a barn which was filled fill of vintage china. I picked up 4 vintage desert bowls for £1.50 each!

We loved Fanny’s Farm and would recommend it for a fun afternoon out.


image-83 image-84 image-85 image-87 image-89 image-90 image-91 image-92 image-94 image-95 image-96www.fannysfarm.com

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