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  • Call the Midwife....

    By vintage on 11 February, 2014 in VINTAGE DRESSES, VINTAGE PRESS, 1960'S, 1950S

    Hello Darling's.... So if you are a fifties vintage darling.... Then you will love The BBC series 'Call The Midwife' on Sunday BBC1  8.00pm So why not get the look with our vintage inspired pieces as featured in the 'Sun' Newspaper's supplement magazine. ...And as its such horrid weather out there, we will keep this discount going until the Sun shines... which might be a while so take advantage of our 15% off discount code VINTAGESUN while you can!    

  • If you like it put an earring on it!

    By vintage on 25 January, 2014 in VINTAGE BARGAINS, 1960'S, NEW STOCK ARRIVAL, NEW STOCK

    Hello Darling's... Another week has flown by again so that means another batch of fabulous stock has arrived at It's Vintage Darling HQ.... and this week we have been obsessing over these fabulous vintage style earrings!  Prices are from £14.00-15.00  So feast your pretty eyes on these!!! We have an exciting selection of styles and colours for you to choose from! So pop by and see our collection of vintage inspired earrings here... Shop our vintage earrings collection here!  

  • One 'Pink Squirrel' coming up...

    By vintage on 4 August, 2012 in VINTAGE COCKTAILS, MAD MEN, 1960'S

    Darling's Put on your 60's shift dress and sip on a 'Pink Squirrel' vintage cocktail! What is this 'Pink Squirrel' I hear you say... The ‘Pink Squirrel’ dates back to somewhere around the 1960's, and was popular for a decade or two then lost some of it's creamy charm.... I don't understand why... all my favourite things in one drink!   It really is a scrumptious delicate drink if you have a sweet tooth! Another asset of this drink is it's beautiful pink hue, which is attributed to creme de noyaux. Some may try to substitute it with amaretto since it...